Investment Services

We work closely with clients to understand their goals and to build a comprehensive, diversified investment program that is designed for their unique needs. We begin with a strategic asset allocation plan, and we create customized blended benchmarks that provide a frame of reference for performance. All of this is memorialized in a robust Investment Policy Statement that is created for each client and serves as a guidepost for future decisions. We spend a great deal of time ensuring that clients are comfortable with our recommendations, and we provide regular commentary to help them navigate the changes in the markets. We strive to have interactive, collaborative and long-term relationships with our clients.

We utilize external investment managers who have proven, long-term track records of success. We have been with many of these managers through various market cycles. We manage costs by scaling our relationships with these managers and by employing commingled funds where appropriate.

Investment Philosophy

We believe that clients’ investment needs are best served using a holistic, customized approach that utilizes an open architecture and is free of conflicts of interest. In our view, the best results are driven by the needs of the client rather than the products offered by a firm. We appreciate that our clients possess varied goals for their investments, and we strive to build investment programs that meet those goals while understanding, managing and communicating the associated risks.

By effectively evaluating opportunities across various asset classes, vehicles and providers, we are confident that we can craft the best investment solutions. We have relationships with many firms in our industry, including those that are more boutique-like in nature as well as those that add value by virtue of scope and scale. We feel an approach that is driven solely by a fiduciary-like decision process, which puts the needs of the clients above all else, leads to the most beneficial allocations across the investment spectrum. Utilizing a combination of active and passive approaches where appropriate, we believe that the portfolios that we construct are designed to meet client objectives over time in even the most volatile of market landscapes.

Impact Investing

Permit Capital Advisors, LLC offers comprehensive impact investing solutions to individuals, families, and foundations. We work closely with our clients to help them clarify their intentions as well as guide them through the progression of creating a portfolio that meets their social and financial goals.

We believe that all dollars can be leveraged for social and environmental impact in all asset classes to the degree to which the client is committed to this effort. Utilizing equity and debt instruments through both public and private markets allows investors to activate the full power of their portfolios.

Through our impact due diligence process, we apply a rigorous methodology and can bring a portfolio to total activation over time. The engagement and feedback we receive in working closely with our clients enhances the entire ecosystem, gives us an advantage in attracting high quality impact managers, and allows for a deeper and more productive client experience.

We believe that education is the gateway to growing and supporting the impact economy in our region and nationally. We hold regular educational events to bring our clients and our community into the conversation.